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Secrets to dating the older woman

Want to know what the secret is to keeping older women interested in you? Then maybe read what our horny mature contacts have to say. Once you know how to keep your mature woman happy you know she is for keeps. I hope this page is useful to you as it has been for many of our younger males over the years. It is known that older women simply lack the patience for silly shenanigans that come with dating a younger guy so if you really want my advice stick withthese rules and you will not go wrong I promise you.

1. Always be assertive – There really is no time to be shy, just be direct and ask her out with the confidence you know you have. Trust me when I say this there’s nothing more sexier to us older woman than a man who know what he wants.
2. Avoid labels – No I’m not talking clothes labels I’m on about references such as cougar, Old MILF, etc its no secret many ladies out there still find these terms offensive but me on the other hand I don’t mind being called a cougar!
3. Ignore the age gap – If age gap dating is your thing then it shouldnt bother you at all about how much older he/ she is than you.

4. Take things slow – Sure the sex is way more hotter than you have ever had before and being with an older lover it is important to get to know her outside of the bedroom too. Learn what she likes sexually and she will want you as much

as you want her.

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